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Welcome To Plann Well

Welcome to Plann Well! The FIRST-EVER interactive event planning vendor database created by expert event planner Adriel Nutter, CEO of Sutlan + Co!

Plann Well gives Event Planners and vendors the ability to quickly find and match vendors with clients based on style and availability.

For Event Planners: When an Event Planner joins Plann Well, they have direct access to a refined search Vendor Database, interactive availability calendars, and up-to-date pricing, services, and B2B reviews, all with the click of a button!

No more wasting time reaching out to vendors who are not available for the dates you are searching for. Event Planners can FINALLY eliminate the endless hours spent at the computer or on the phone searching for a credible and available vendor.

For Vendors: Vendors can FINALLY free up valuable time by eliminating the need to field day-to-day availability calls and emails while instantly getting access to a personalized company service profile and an interactive availability calendar. In addition to the vendor profile and availability calendar (Hello, less time in your inbox!) this platform gives vendors the opportunity to get their business in front of thousands of other vendors, all with the use of their vendor profile. Gone are the days of sending emails to Event Planners and fellow vendors trying to pitch your company only to receive no response. Plann Well puts your company in front of all users regardless of if you’re just starting out
or have years of business under your belt.

Plann Well has completely revolutionized the Event Planner-Vendor process by allowing each party to work cohesively on one virtual system ultimately changing the way events are currently planned.

Join today and say “HELLO” to a network of thousands of Event Professionals who are Planning Well.

Adriel Nutter - Founder of Plann Well
Adriel Nutter – Founder Of Plann Well


With 14 years of experience in the event industry in everything from corporate events to non-profit events and eventually breaking into the wedding industry, Adriel has an extreme passion for finding the best systems to work efficiently. She knows that working efficiently means more time and money in the “bank”.. It was this passion for efficiency that led her to develop Plann Well.

Her vision for this platform is for event planners and vendors alike to spend less time answering “are you available?” emails and less time sending emails to other vendors, hoping for a coffee meeting or a response, so you can pitch your company and more time being profitable.

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