New Member Dashboard Tutorial

Welcome to Plann Well!!! Let’s get started..

Select Membership Package

This is where you can go anytime to change or upgrade your membership package.

Not sure what is included at each membership level? You can find that information here!

Tip:Featured” profiles are listed at the top of search results. This is the best way to be seen!

Manage My Directory Profile

This is where you go to update the profile that other users will see (make it a good one!).

Click on “Manage My Directory Profile

Hover Over Your Company Name

Click “Edit Listing

Scroll Down to Add/Edit Your:
Company Name
Contact Information  & Images
Add PDF’s of Your Current Pricing, Menus or Special Offers 

Tip: You can paste a link in the “Description” section to display a video of your work on your page.

Tip: Use the font sizes and formatting (bold, italics…) to make your profile eye-catching and interesting.

Tip: Don’t get too wordy! This is about saving vendors (and you!) time so we can all work efficiently. Don’t risk losing a potential client because all of the text on your profile overwhelms them.

Plann Well Website

This takes you back to the Plann Well homepage where you can search the Directory.

Tip: You can also access this from the “Directory” link on the left side of the dashboard.

User Profile

This is basically your “Settings” page.

Not much to do here, because this information does not display on your profile.

Be sure to keep your Login/Contact Information is up to date!

Contact Plann Well Support

Have a question? Need help? You can reach us here!

Contact Us

Manage My Calendar

Click “Manage My Calendar” on the Dashboard

Hover Over Your Company Name

Click “Edit Calendar

On the left, there is a full month overview of your booked & available days.

In the large “Edit Dates” box, you will find a list of the days of the month displayed on the calendar at the left.

If you would like to mark a date as “Booked”, simply use the drop-down menu next to the corresponding date/number in that list.

For example, if you are “Booked” on the 15th, go to #15 on the list & use the drop-down to mark as “Booked.” Doing this will change that date to “Booked” on your calendar.

Want to change the Colors/Legend for your calendar?

Scroll down until you see the “Legend” box towards the right of your screen. Here you can change the colors of your Calendar Legend & add options other than “Available” & “Booked.”

Tip: Keep it simple! Remember that all kinds of vendors will be looking at your calendar. A difficult legend and color-coding system may confuse people. If your business allows for it, a simple “Available” or “Booked” will do. We might even suggest adding a “Limited Availability” option as well. This will let potential vendors know that your time is getting limited for that date.

Tip: Do you use iCal? If so, you can sync it with this calendar! Just keep in mind, you may want a separate Booked/Available Calendar within your personal iCal to sync with Plann Well.

Search Vendor Availability

This is where you can search for Vendors based on their availability (The Golden Ticket!).

You can also search for Vendors from the Directory on the main Plann Well website.

Tip: You can narrow your searches down by Date, Vendor Category, or Location.

How to: Go Back to the Main Dashboard

While in the Dashboard: Click “Dashboard” on the Menu to the Left at Any Time

While on the Plann Well Main Page: Click the Icon of a Person in the Top Right Corner

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