Can Clients or People Who are NOT Event Planners or Vendors Create a Profile?

No. This platform is solely for Event Planners and Vendors to network. Upon creating a profile, vendors and event planners must “validate” their company by providing a business email address and/or a company website before being given permission to the database of vendors and event planners.

Can Non-Members See My Availability Calendar and Pricing on My Profile?

No. Should a client stumble across Plann Well or decide to take a look at the vendor directory, they will only be able to see vendor names and profile images. Your clients will not be able to access vendor availability calendars, pricing, etc. Those features are solely visible for members of Plann Well.

Do I have to Update My Availability Calendar or Can I leave it ‘Wide Open’?

We strongly encourage you to update your availability calendar as you book events or, at a minimum, a quick update each week. We have intentionally made the calendar function very easy and quick to update (definitely much quicker than answering loads of “are you available?” emails each week). Leaving your calendar “wide open” leads event planners and other vendors to believe that you are either not a popular, sought after business or that your availability calendar is not a credible source of information.
If Event Planners or Vendors get either of these impressions, they are very likely to move on to the next vendor whose calendar is up to date.

What if I’m Booked for a Date, but I Don’t Want to Deter Event Planners or Vendors from Inquiring with Me?

We get it, we do. But that would only be a concern if client’s had access to the PlannWell database. Keep in mind, this calendar is built in the name of efficiency and there is no sense spending time talking about a date you aren’t available for. When an Event Planner or Vendor is searching for vendors for a specific date, it is because the client has already selected that specific date. In that case, it is very unlikely that there is any wiggle room with the date. But, have no fear, Event Planners and Vendors will be able to see your entire availability calendar, so even if you are booked for the date they are looking for, they can still see all of your available dates.

What Makes Plann Well Different than Other Database or Marketing Websites?

The one-of-a-kind features! Nowhere else in the event industry can you find a database that allows you to share your up to date pricing and availability with fellow event professionals while not sharing it with potential clients. Plann Well was built solely for event professionals by an event professional.

What if My Company Can Book Multiple Events for One Date?

You have complete control over your availability calendar through your member dashboard. If your company is not fully booked for a particular date, leave that date as “available” on your calendar so Event Planners and Vendors can reach out to you.

Will this Database Replace Event Planners?

Absolutely not. This database was built to support Event Planners (and Vendors!). No website can replace what you do as an Event Planner or a Vendor. Clients love the personal connection with their event team and the one-on-one customized expertise that you as an Event Planner or Vendor bring to their event. This database was solely created to help all event professionals spend less time in their inbox and more time with their clients (or doing other things they love!).

How Do I Get “Verified”?

To be “verified” you must register with a company email address and/or provide a company website.

What if I Don’t Have a Company Email Address or Company Website?

As a way to keep Plann Well as a resource solely for Event Planners and Vendors we must have vendors provide some type of proof that they are a credible company. If you do not have a company email address or company website, please contact us. We are happy to work with you to get your profile verified.

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