Cover Photo Setup

The Plann Well Photo Cover comes in 2 style formats based on the photos you upload: 

Landscaped Photo Cover Format (5 Photos):

Plann Well Photo Cover Setup - 5 Images Style

All 5 photos are the same landscaped size – 720 * 480 Pixels – but any standard landscaped photo optimized will work.

To setup your cover with 5 photos you will need 5 landscaped photos 

This photo size is 720px X 480px that is used in the cover above. 

Portrait & Landscaped Photo Cover (3 Photos) 

Plann Well Portait - Landscaped Photo Cover - 3 Photos

The first 2 photos are the same portrait size photo landscaped size – 600 * 900 Pixels – but any standard portrait photo optimized will work.

The 3rd photos MUST BE a landscaped photo (no exceptions)

Dhalia Events Photo 2
This photo size is 600px X 900px that is used in the cover above.

If you have any questions or need assistance setting up your photos please contact customer support and we will be happy to help optimize your photo cover.

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