9 Nashville Photographers We Love!

The photography world is com-pe-ti-tive! There are SO many amazing options for photographers in Nashville, we could hardly narrow it down. But, these 9 stand out above the rest. Scroll to check out our list of 9 Nashville Photographers we love!

#9 : Eden Ingle

What we love about Eden Ingle: Eden has perfected the art of capturing the perfect image in the perfect lighting. Her photos are intense and fun and literally take you back to the exact moment the image was captured. Check out Eden Ingle on Instagram: @edeningle

#8 : Sarah Sidwell Photography

What we love about Sarah Sidwell Photography: Sarah has a quiet presence, a fly on the wall capturing all of the goodness of wedding days as events happen naturally, and we love that about her. Added bonus: Sarah also specializes in the photographing newborns and families which means client’s journey with Sarah on their wedding day is just beginning. We love that Sarah can move through all of life’s big moments with her couples. Check out Sarah Sidwell Photography on Instagram: @sarahsidwellphotography

#7 : Sweet Williams Photography

What we love about Sweet Williams Photography: Becca of Sweet Williams Photography has perfected the art of timeless photography. She is a no-brainer, hands down, must do, pick for your clients that want wedding photos that can hang on the walls of their homes for generations. Check out Sweet Williams Photography on Instagram: @sweetwilliamsphotography

#6: Darcy Ferris Photography

What we love about Darcy Ferris Photography : Darcy will follow her clients wherever they want to go (Don’t believe us? Check out her bio on her website). She’s not afraid to go to great lengths to get those amazing shots and she has a knack for catching the true highlights of a wedding day, the ones where couples are laughing with their whole hearts and living in the best moment of their lives. Check out Darcy Ferris Photography on Instagram: @darcyferrisphoto

#5 John Myers Photography

What we love about John Myers Photography: John Myers Photography knows that budget is a big deal for engaged couples. To cater to all budget, Jon Myers has created packages for just about any budget by offering photography packages with his Associate Photographers (genius!). This personalized experience is a MAJOR added bonus for clients. Regardless of what package a client selects, John Myers Photography delivers consistently beautiful images, and we can’t love that enough. Check out John Myers Photography on Instagram: @johnmyersphotography

#4 : Carla Jane Photography

What we love about Carla Jane Photography: Carla has a quiet presence and a sweet demeanor which makes clients feel at ease from the moment they meet her. Her photographs are timeless and bright, the kind of images that literally make your heart sing when you see them. Don’t believe us? Check out her Instagram feed, it’s pure gold: @carlajanephoto

#3 : Harp & Olive

What we love about Harp & Olive: Rachael with Harp & Olive is a gem, a literal breath of fresh air. Not only are her images timeless and insanely beautiful, she’s a lover of love stories. When photography weddings, Rachael is sure to capture the images that clients children and children’s children will pass down through their families. And who doesn’t want those types of photos of their wedding day? Check out Harp & Olive on Instagram: @harpandolive

#2: Rebecca Renee Photography

What we love about Rebecca Renee Photography: We are love (love!) Rebecca’s style. She’s laid back but she doesn’t mess around on wedding days. She is a fly on the wall, but she keeps things moving along. And what vendor doesn’t love to work with a photography like that? Check out Rebecca Renee Photography on Instagram: @rebeccareneephoto

#1: Steph Sorenson Photography

What we love about Steph Sorenson Photography: What don’t we love about Steph? Nothing. She’s not just a wedding photographer she’s a blast to work with on wedding days and she’s a great team player. She keeps her clients laughing and we may have seen her on the dance floor a few times. Steph’s images are striking, gorgeous and the kind of images you would easily find in top publications. Check out Steph Sorenson Photography on Instagram, you’ll see what we mean: @steph_sorenson

We are so honored to share our favorite Nashville photographers!

Check back often for countdowns of our other favorites in Nashville!

9 Nashville Venues You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

We rounded up our favorite ‘hidden gem” Nashville event venues! As Nashville grows and becomes THE city for weddings and events alike, it can only by assumed that new event spaces would start popping up. That’s great news for Event Pros! Help us countdown our ‘TOP 9 Nashville Venues You Might Not Know About’ (but should!)!

#9 : The Walter

Downtown Nashville’s “most exclusive” event space. The Walter is located inside The Register. The Walter features beautifully stained floors, warehouse style windows and ceilings and an upscale vibe for all of your modern client’s needs. Check out their Instagram (@thewalterevents) for up to date images and information.

#8 : Woodland Hollow at Annie Acres

Nestled in the wooded hills of Annie Acres, just minutes from Downtown Nashville, Woodland Hollow is the perfect backdrop for a rustic Southern event. A refined but rustic barn complete with wagon wheel chandeliers provides couples and clients with the feel of a down home Tennessee event. Additionally, enjoy with the luxury of privacy and convenient access to all of the fun things Downtown Nashville has to offer. Check out their Instagram (@annieacresfarm) for up to date images and information.

#7 : The Foundry

The Foundry is one of our favorite ‘hidden gems’ because of it’s versatility. This space can host events of all types: from weddings to concerts, commercial shoots and corporate events. The Foundry can host just about any group in their 5,000 sq ft. space. Situated near Marathon Village, this historic space features industrial brick giving it it’s signature retro/vintage warehouse feel. Located just on the edge of Downtown guests and clients have easy access to all of the hot spots in Nashville. Check out their Instagram (@foundryevents) for up to date images and information.

#6: Germantown Inn

This venue is the perfect ‘hidden gem’ for clients or couples who want to host a small wedding/event. ‘From Corporate Gatherings to Perfect Memories, the germantown inn is highly requested for full-inn bookings, intimate weddings, business retreats, meetings, and other special events.’ The Germantown Inn features four unique areas offering a perfect space for any type of event! And, as an added bonus, the (quickly) up-and-coming Germantown area is home to some of Nashville’s best restaurants. Check out their Instagram (@germantown_inn) for up to date images and information.

#5 Horton Events

If you’re an OG event professional in Nashville, you know Horton Events has been on the event scene for a long time. What you might not know, is they have a THREE event spaces in Nashville! We’re featuring the Downtown Nashville location which features space for up to 150 guests seated, floor to ceiling windows, a covered patio, a bridal suite AND this space is only 2 blocks from the Music City Center. Right in the heart of downtown Nashville! Check out their Instagram (@hortonevents) for up to date images and information.

#4 : The Old School Nashville

The Old School Nashville offers a newly built event barn with views of the rolling Tennessee hills. If barns aren’t you or your client’s style, host a dinner under string lights in one of their large grassy outdoor spaces. The Old School Nashville offers a private space for events from bridal showers, to meeting spaces to wedding receptions and can accommodate small groups all the way up to 250 guests. With on-site catering, Old School Nashville’s team and event space make plannig and wokring events a semaless process. Check out their Instagram (@theoldschoolnashville) for up to date images and information.

#3 : The River Center

It says it right on their website: “Nashville’s Best Kept Secret” and we couldn’t agree more! ‘Resting on the East Bank of the Cumberland River and adjacent to the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, The Lucius E. Burch III River Center at the Cumberland River Compact offers green amenities, a versatile event space, and an unparalleled view of Downtown Nashville and the Cumberland River. Only a 5-minute walk to Lower Broadway, The River Center has all the urban appeal without the parking hassle.’ We had to take that straight from their website to be sure we didn’t miss a single detail. It’s that good. The views from The River Center to Downtown Nashville are a MUST see for out of town guests. And who wouldn’t love to walk to Broadway after a fun night at a wedding or event? Check out their Instagram (@therivercenternashville) for up to date images and information.

#2: 1220

‘1220 is a private gathering location in the historic Germantown neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee. A renovated space full of distinct modern design and preserved history, this property was created to host gatherings that are elevated, personal, and uniquely nuanced.’ The owners of 1220 carefully restored this historic home, to be a personal, intimate, unique and modern gathering space. Check out their Instagram (@1220.nashville) for up to date images and information.

#1: Riverside Revivial

This one won’t be a ‘hidden gem’ for long. With beautiful white walls, soaring stained glass windows and warm wood floors, this new venue will quickly rise to be one of the favorites among event professionals in Nashville. Added bonus: On-site parking. (Parking is Nashville goes for a premium.) Located on the East Side of Nashville, guests and clients have close access to some of Nashville’s best boutique hotels while only being a quick Uber or Lyft ride from the nightlife on Broadway. Check out their Instagram (@riversiderevivalnashville) for up to date images and information.

We are so honored to share our favorite ‘hidden gem’ venues in Nashville Check back often for countdowns of our other favorites in Nashville!

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